Everrati Forms Strategic Partnership with Superformance to Offer Electric Powertrains in a GT40

With a mission to future-proof automotive icons

Irvine, California, USA and Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, UK: 15 June 2021 – Everrati, developers of the most iconic electric cars, and Superformance, the leading manufacturer of 1960s-era continuation sports cars, have formed a strategic partnership that will allow owners of a heritage GT40 component car to install an advanced electric powertrain.

Everrati was founded to further the legacies of some of the most desirable and iconic cars in the world, redefining and precision re-engineering them with state-of-the-art electric drivetrains, while maintaining and enhancing the character of the original. Each Everrati is fitted with a custom-designed electric power unit and battery system, leading to enhanced performance and a zero-emissions future.

Superformance offers a full line of high-performance component cars celebrating some of the most iconic vehicles of all time. All vehicles are built under license from trademark holders including Shelby, GM and SAFIR GT40, adding authenticity and value. Sold as a rolling chassis, a Superformance car can be configured with heritage or modern drivetrains.

The Everrati and Superformance partnership will allow enthusiasts to drive an electric powered GT40. The development of the first model is already underway. A prototype chassis is built and being comprehensively adapted from ICE power to advanced electric propulsion at Everrati’s UK development centre in Upper Heyford, a former US air base in the English Cotswolds. As with all Everati vehicles, meticulous attention to detail is being applied to key factors such as battery location and weight distribution to maintain and enhance the character and soul of the original. This first new model from the partnership and reimagined icon will be announced in the coming months.

Justin Lunny, Founder and CEO, Everrati: “This is the perfect partnership. The sole focus of both Everrati and Superformance is iconic cars and Lance and his team are the guys when it comes to authorized continuation chassis of some of the most legendary cars in history. Marrying the classic GT40 with our advanced EV powertrains and precision engineering will enhance performance while keeping the essence and soul of the original. We aim to create the best electric driver’s cars while, at the same time,future-proofing these true past masters. I can’t wait to reveal our first collaboration.”

“So many legendary cars were created by Anglo American partnerships during the 1960s, so it feels highly appropriate for Everrati to be partnering with Superformance, furthering the legacy of these automotive icons. Another UK and US connection is that our development HQ is located on a former US air base in the Oxfordshire countryside.”

Lance Stander, CEO, Superformance: “I’m very excited about the partnership we are announcing today. Justin and the team at Everrati have a compelling vision for the future, along with the engineering pedigree and expertise to reimagine this automotive icon for the 21st Century. While I will always love a V8 powered GT40, there is no doubting the ultra-high performance of Everrati’s advanced EV powertrains. I am genuinely impressed with the lengths to which Everrati goesto maintain the weight distribution and character of the original car. Electrification is the future in so many ways and adds another option for those who love classic sports cars.”


Everrati™ – Founded in 2019, Everrati™ is dedicated to lowering the environmental impact of iconic cars, by replacing combustion engines with high-tech electric powertrains.

Reflecting the upmost respect for these iconic vehicles and their unique identity, Everrati™ preserves, revitalizes and enhances, offering unparalleled luxury, performance, and precision engineered electric power. Compassionately restoring each masterpiece, Everrati™ not only replaces the traditional combustion engine with a custom designed, state-of-the-art electric powertrain but precision re-engineers to retain the character and soul of the original. Each Everrati is bespoke to the customer’s chosen specifications. The process is also completely reversible, helping to retain the investment value of the vehicle.

Safir GT40 Spares - Safir GT40 Spares, owner of the GT40 Trademark is proud to participate within the motorsport community to preserve and promote the iconic GT40 automobile.

Superformance – 

Superformance LLC has distributed continuation and reproduction Cobra’s, Coupes, Corvettes and GT40 complete rolling chassis since 1994. Superformance products are aesthetically and dimensionally correct and are engineered in the image of some of the most iconic classic sports cars. All vehicles are built under license from trademark holders including Ford, Shelby, GM and SAFIR GT40, adding authenticity and value.

Superformance Factory is one of the world's largest specialty car production facilities having produced more than 5,500 rolling chassis through 25 independent dealerships worldwide. The Superformance rolling chassis is completely assembled and ready for the buyer to install a drivetrain of their choice.

 Superformance has an owner's forum and car registry. Additional information is available at www.superformance.com, info@Superformance.com or by calling a USA dealer at (800) 297-6253 or the corporate headquarters at (949) 900-1950.