With the passing of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, Superformance will offer turn-key versions of its highly sought-after sports cars, including the Shelby Licensed MkII,  MkIII Roadsters, the Safir Licensed GT40, GM Licensed Corvette Grand Sport and Continuation Shelby Cobra and Shelby Daytona Coupe.

Irvine, Calif. (December 8, 2015) – For over a decade, Superformance has set the standard for replica and continuation cars with its line of factory built and assembled “Rolling Chassis” vehicles.  Now, with the passage of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015, Superformance will now be able to offer its officially-licensed Shelby, Ford, and Chevrolet continuation cars as well as its Superformance replica cars as complete ready-to-run vehicles, streamlining the purchase and registration process for its customers.

Factory-built replicas have quickly become the best way for fans of motorsport icons like the Shelby Cobra, Shelby Daytona Coupe, Ford GT40, and Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport to realize their dream of getting behind the wheel of one of these legendary automobiles.  Offering quality, craftsmanship, fit and finish well beyond the run-of-the-mill “kit car,” Superformance’s vehicles bring together classic looks and modern build quality in a made-to-order package that is ready to accept whatever powertrain option the customer wants.  Thanks to the efforts of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), Superformance will now be able to offer these vehicles as brand new, ready-to-run cars with a federally-assigned VIN tag and a compliant modern powertrain.

“After years of building the best continuation and replica cars in the world we are thrilled to finally offer our customers the option to buy a turn-key car right off the showroom floors of our Dealers,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance, LLC.  “Now that we will be recognized by the government as a low volume manufacturer, customers can walk in, buy a car and drive away just like any other new vehicle purchase, which will also streamline financing, registration and insurance options. I want to thank SEMA – and its Washington DC office in particular – for the valiant effort they have put forth in getting this invaluable piece of legislation passed.”

After nearly five years of working with Congress, SEMA was able to get its “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act” included with the highway funding bill, which was signed into law this past Friday, December 5th, 2015.  This bill allows for manufacturers of replica vehicles, like Superformance, to build up to 325 vehicles per year under oversight of both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as long as they meet current model year emissions standards.

Details on the new turn-key Superformance models that comply with the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act will be released soon. For more information on the “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015,” visit www.SEMA.org

For more information on Superformance and its line of replica and continuation vehicles, visitwww.Superformance.com or call (800) 297-6253 and be connected to a USA dealer.


Superformance LLC is a distributor for complete, "Rolling Chassis" replica and continuation race cars of the 1960's. Superformance has distributed specially constructed cars in the United States for over 20 years. As one of the first players in the industry, Superformance has over 20 independent dealerships throughout the world.  We have earned our reputation with our attention to detail, quality, craftsmanship, fit, finish and customer service. Superformance LLC has a long standing relationship and build contract with Hi-Tech Automotive who is the world's largest specialty car production facility. Together Superformance and Hi-Tech have produced and distributed more than 4000 rolling chassis worldwide.

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