A licensed replica that offers vintage looks with modern touches.


Open top, iconic looks, and a whole lot vintage – the Shelby Cobra is one of the most recognizable cars in history. Of course, the Ford v Ferrari movie from last year helped introduce the roadster to a younger generation of car nuts, and that's what Superformance is banking on with its latest release, the MKIII-R Cobra.

Taking after the legendary 1960s Cobra, Superformance is the only company that can build a Cobra replica with a license from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. it aims to bring the classic looks and performance of the open-top icon complemented with modern touches.

"The Superformance MKIII-R is the perfect combination of an old-school classic automobile infused with a bit of modern-day flair," said Superformance CEO Lance Stander. "The MKIII-R is a piece of American history, and with a major motion picture release last year that highlighted the Cobra, this vehicle’s popularity is at an all-time high. We took great care to ensure the Superformance MKIII-R lives up to the Cobra’s iconic legacy."

The Superformance MKII-R differs slightly from the Cobra, though. It has different fender scallops and hood scoop designs, plus the presence of front splitter and rear diffuser makes it look a bit edgier than the original Cobra, albeit, the Atlantic Blue paint job and anthracite stripes should give you a hint.