Hot Rod TV featured the build of a Superformance MKIII which aired in May and June 2007.The car that was shown was a S/C body style MKIII in Titanium with a Black stripe. A Roush 427 SR Motor was installed and coupled with a Tremec 5 speed transmission. American Racing Wheels supplied a set of 18" rims which were custom made and are now available for the MKIII model. The install took place in California and was done by Voss Performance, the supplying dealer was Hillbank Motor Corporation. Please contact your dealer for a DVD copy of the show if you missed it. 

The Superformance MKIII is the only Shelby Cobra replica to be licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. Ford, Mustang, Cobra, Shelby, 427 S/C, AC, Daytona, and 289 FIA are all registered trademarks, Superformance is not connected to the holders of these trademarks however some of these trade marks are used by Superformance under license.