" If you saw the tail end of a GT40 sticking out of a suburban garage with junk piled all over it, you would assume it was some long forgotten kit car project, but that was not the case in one Thousand Oaks neighborhood, where one of the most desirable cars has been sitting in a cocoon since the late 70's. A meeting at The Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show, lead car collector Thomas Shaughnessy to this rare piece of automotive history."

"Chassis P/1067 is the last 1966 GT40 produced it was sold in 1967 with a Mk.II  rear clamshell, one of just three cars that were assembled this way and it's the only car to retain its original Mk II rear. The car was raced until 1977 when an engine failure put it out of commission. The owner started to repair the car when an injury postponed the repairs and the car sat there ever since. Now the only choice is to restore it to factory standards or to its late 60's racing specifications..."

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Photos by John Shaughnessy Words by Mike Satterfield