Jupiter, Fla. – January 26, 2024 – One of the most famous, and certainly the fastest, Superformance MKIII roadsters ever built will be sold at No Reserve by Barrett-Jackson on Friday, January 26, in Scottsdale, Ariz. Known as the “Italian Job," this 1965 Shelby-authorized Superformance MKIII owned by Ted Taormina was declared the “fastest Cobra” in the world, having been clocked over 200 mph twice.

“A serious and talented enthusiast, Ted Taormina works on exotics and supercars, such as those built by Ferrari, and Lamborghini, at his facility in San Carlos, California,” said Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance. “He was inspired to build a one-off Superformance MK III with Italian flair to reflect his Sicilian heritage. In his quest to set a world speed record for a Shelby Cobra style roadster, Ted made several key modifications to cheat the wind and shatter records. This car is an amazing piece of automotive history and the next caretaker of ‘The Italian Job’ will have a truly special car.”

"The “Italian Job" went over 200 in 2017 and then hit 223.2 mph at the Tour De Force in Sun Valley, ID, in 2021. Taormina’s feat was documented by the International Mile Racing Association (IMRA).

The balance of raw power and aerodynamic efficiency was top priority during both design and fabrication. The 427 cid FE Ford V8 was bored and stroked and tuned to deliver 730 hp and 700 ft/lbs of torque. The body and chassis were heavily modified using aeronautic engineering to create the latest drag and most downforce. The engine is backed by a TREMEC 6-speed manual transmission and 3.48 rear gears. “The Italian Job” also inspired design elements found in the new 30th anniversary Shelby edition Superformance MKIII Roadster.

“Ted consulted on the new Shelby CSX10000 edition Superformance MKIII,” said Stander. “He helped us update the body with an integrated padded helmet diffuser, front splitter and rear diffuser based on his historic, record setting speed runs. The helmet diffuser is both effective for aerodynamics and a wonderful homage to famous Italian sports cars of the 1950s. Since Italian Job’s ‘DNA’ can be found in our new series of roadsters, the collectability of the car is certainly enhanced.”


A Superformance rolling chassis is completely assembled and ready for the buyer to install a drivetrain of their choice. The Superformance MKIII has a rectangular box frame, heavy duty TIG welded ladder frame chassis with front and rear crumple zones, independent suspension with adjustable coil overs and unequal length A-arms. Wilwood power-assisted front and rear brake calipers and optional power steering are available.

The steel-reinforced fiberglass body is bonded to the chassis and is unstressed. The cars are offered complete but without engines and transmissions. The roadster is engineered to handle various grades of power per the owner’s preference. Selection, purchase and installation of the drivetrain are the responsibility of the purchaser. Weight varies between 2,400 and 2,660 pounds, depending on the engine installed.

The Superformance MKIII is street legal and also ready for the track. For more information, visit www.superformance.com.

About Superformance

Superformance LLC has been a distributor of complete rolling chassis racecar replicas and continuation Shelby Cobra’s since 1994. Superformance products are aesthetically and dimensionally correct and are engineered in the image of some of the most iconic classic sports cars. All vehicles are built under license from trademark holders including Ford, Shelby, GM and SAFIR GT40, adding authenticity and value.

Superformance has a longstanding relationship with Hi-Tech Automotive, the world's largest specialty car production facility. Together, they have produced and distributed more than 5,000 rolling chassis through 20 independent dealerships worldwide. The Superformance rolling chassis is completely assembled and ready for the buyer to install any drivetrain of their choice.

Superformance has an owner's forum and a car registry. Additional information is available at www.superformance.com, info@Superformance.com or by calling a dealer at  (800) 297-6253.