Superformance  Testimonials

The quality and build of Superformance cars can only be reinforced by seeing and driving one or by reading letters from actual owners. The Superformance owners group holds events and gatherings, repeatedly taking top places in events. Click on owner's photos for a closer view.
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It is high time I contacted everyone at Hillbank to congratulate them, Hi-tech, Roush and Dammar for the creation of SPF 2985. She has recently passed the 7000 mile mark in her first year, and runs like an antelope on steroids. All without any major problems. Not only that, but she won "Best of the 60's" in a recent car show in Cave Creek, Arizona, and that was without even knowing I was in the show. ( I merely parked nearby to go see the various cars ) So, my hat is off to all of you. I have been completely satisfied with SPF 2985, and more than happy with all aspects of the purchase; from the planning stages to the selection of engine, drive train, options and final assembly. I look forward to seeing all of you in the future.

Stephen Crosten
Hello Lance,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance throughout the selection, building and delivery process of my Superformance Cobra - I am very happy with the way my car turned out and without your expert suggestions and timely assistance, it would not be as great or I might not have bought it. All staff members at both Superformance and at Danmar have been very professional, patient and pleasant and my overall car buying experience with you has been the best I have ever had (it is almost unfair to compare it to car buying, which is generally not a pleasant affair...).



Dear Superformance,

Attached is a picture of SPF410 that was taken in Colorado. It was purchased from the Olthoff's in December of 1998 and currently has a little over 56,000 miles on it. The color scheme is Porsche Seal Grey Metallic with Titanium striping in the Willment Racing Team tradition to honour Bob Olthoff and his career with that team. I am the original owner and have always been extremely happy with my SPF purchase. I am 65 years old and still run it on the track at every available opportunity.

It is truly my dream car.

Thank you.

Jerry Witt SPF410

Dear Superformance:

I just want to tell you how happy I have been with my MK-III over the last 4+ years. The car is extremely well built, looks fantastic and gets loads of attention every where I go. My wife enjoys riding in it as much as I enjoy driving it. I take this car to the drag strip, road courses, cruises and the grocery store. I jokingly refer to it as my grocery getter.

Keep up the good work.

Steve Fehr #2584
Wildwood, MO

Dear Superformance,

I wanted to express how pleased I am with my Superformance MKIII. Since purchasing the car I have been offered twice the value invested many times. The car also won Hooters number one car for 2008!

The car has an original side oiler, one of only eight left! The engine is milled from all solid casting and produces over 600hp! The transmission is a top loader NASCAR style 4 speed.

The engine and transmission install was completed at Bill Parham's Shop in McDonnough Georgia.

Bill and Carroll Shelby have been buddies and built engines in the early racing days of Mr. Shelby.

Again, Georgia registered and insured, as a 1965 Cobra roadster.

Wayne C. Dahring
The Journey of Two MKIII's - A must read story.

Presentation Documents (pdf format) Click here >> File 1 - File 2 <<

As a youngster, growing up in the 1960s, I was fascinated by automobiles and specifically those of the Muscle Car Era starting with GTOs and 442s, etc. At the time anything with a slight exhaust rumble captivated my attention and made me drift away from anything that should have been academically prudent during my high school years.(can you relate?)

The Cobra of course was such a strong influence to kids like me that of impressions etched in our hearts from that time, those of the Shelby Phenomenon remain on the surface of our consciousness forever.

Economics, stints in the US Navy, college years and a family, washed some of those early memories with an untouchable veil of longing. Our responsible quest to take care of family was our Cobras of the 80s, our kids’ education. Oh boy did it pay off, with 4 solid kids on the right path to living well, and a wonderful and supportive wife, Cindy. That really should be our legacy on this Earth.

After 4 great kids and 4 college careers it was time to revisit earlier thoughts of “Visceral Tingling” at the sound of 500+ ponies at the tip of your right foot.

1998, that is when I stumbled upon what I thought was a real Cobra from the 60’s, at a Superformance Tradeshow Booth in Louisville, KY during the Hot Rod Nationals. My youngest son Marcos was with me. He was 15 at the time but knew quite well this moment was special. Not only did I find out that the car was not priced in the high $250,000s, like most of us thought, but that it was a replica costing a fraction of that.

Dean Rosen was there, then one of the owners of Dynamic Motorsports in Ross, Ohio, a Superformance dealer. He captivated me with his passion and love for these cars and, yes, I blame him for jump starting this phase of my life.

Juan Lopez-Bonilla
Louisville, KY
Dear Mr Stander,

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend and praise one of your Superformance dealers, Gear 6 Performance Automotive, Mr Wayne C. Montgomery.

The road to me accquiring my new Superformance Cobra MKIII was lond in coming. A friend of mine owned a new Ford 427 SC cobra in 1967. From the day I first rode in that car, I've never forgotten the experience and feeling. It can't be matched, only duplicated and you have done it. I've seen a program on television several times which highlighted your facility in South Africa and explained the quality of the cars. A lot of research had been done before it became obvious to me that if I was going to get a Cobra and spend a million dollars, it was going to be one from Superformance. In a strock of luck, I came upon a car that was exactly as I would have had built which happened to be a Gear 6 Performnace. I had may conversations with the owner Mr. Wayne Montgomery and I have to say, he played a big, part in my decision to buy my Cobra. He comes form a racing background and expressed a genuine affection for his cars. Every question I had he answered in detail and he was very patient in explaining everything and fowarded many pictures and information on the car...

....I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a dedicated dealer and great individual you have in your organization and how happy I am to own one of your cars...

Gordon W. Beers

Dear Superformance,

Thank you for making one of my dreams come true!

I fell in love with the Shelby Cobra as a young man…I was in my early teens when I first became aware that they existed. I saw a real one back in the early seventies…dark blue with white stripes…, when nobody really wanted them…much less understood what they were. I knew.

I chased my dream for years…subscribing to any kit car magazine I could find…and when I reached the age of 45…I began to seriously consider building a replica. A few more years passed…when I happened upon an add for the Superformance MK III in a kit car magazine…and found that I would be passing by a dealership on my way to the Ford Motor Company Kentucky Truck Plant…I stopped at the dealership…and knew as soon as I laid eyes on your car…that would have one. The dealership worked with me on the deposit…and hook delivery of chassis number SP 1587 (Indigo Blue with Winthleton White stripes) in June of 2003. 1 installed a Tremec 5 speed and a stroked Ford 302.

The car handles and tracks like a dream…installing the small block was the best thing I could have done. I literally drive the ear everywhere (25,000 plus miles on the odometer)…in all types of weather (thank God for the heater) and she handles rain and snow pretty well for a little two-seat roadster.

Driving a Superformance MKIII is an exhilarating experience…a total assault on the senses…the feel of the road and the throaty exhaust note (felt through the seat of your pants…drive through a small town on a crisp autumn morning and you’ll catch the smell of fresh baked bread wafling through the air (not as good as catching a whiff of gasoline, oil and leather once in awhile)…crisp and precise handling…exit the highway…down-shift and push the limits on a winding exit ramp…the car stays flat…sticks to the road like it’s glued to the asphalt…accelerate…up—shift…effortlessly and aggressively merge into traffic…sensory overload.

The crafismanship, quality and performance of this car is second to none...
To D&M Motor Sports,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your outstanding patience and customer service you showed me during my visit this past Saturday. Your Lack of “high pressure” sales tactics and your excellent product knowledge were major contributors in my decision to purchase a Superformance Cobra from D&M Motorsports.

I’m anxiously awaiting delivery to enjoy the last remaining nice days of summer!

Many thanks and I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Harold Hendry
Glen Ellyn, IL

Thanks for all your patience and help during my recent visit to D&M Motorsports. Your insights and suggestions were directly responsible for my decision to proceed with the drive train installation by Snake Power.

I look forward to hearing from you with the news my Cobra’s ready!

Harold Hendry
Glen Ellyn, IL

Dear Superformance,

After dreaming about owning a super car for decades, you have made my dream come true. My Superformance Mark III is exactly what I wanted. And thanks to you and Hillbank Motors in Irvine, CA. I took delivery of #2056 in March of 2005. The power, handling and performance of the Roush engined roadster is excitement beyond my expectations. WHAT A CAR!!!
In the 9 months since taking delivery and 4500 miles of cruising, the smile on my face keeps getting bigger and bigger. The roar of the exhaust in my ears and the wind in my face relieves all the cares built up since the last time I fired up this magic machine. And I'll never get tired of telling people enough about the quality of your car. The fit of the "boot", "bonnet", doors ect. is the best I've seen. The authenticity and the attention to detail is amazing. The finish is just as you state in your literature, "show quality" and truly breathtaking. My car is a no compromise hand made rolling piece of art that happens to be "wicked fast" and it draws attention wherever it is. Including places like the Concourse d'Elegance and the Historic Races in Pebble Beach and Monterey last August.

Needless to say I'm very proud of my car and proud to consider myself part of the Superformance family. My advice to anyone considering fulfilling their dream is, "Do it as fast as you can", you won't be sorry. The company Superformance, dealers like Lance Stander of Hillbank Motors, and great owners across this country, make owning a Superformance an unbeatable combination of CLASSIC STYLE, POWER, PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY, QUALITY, and most of all FUN.

Bryce Adcock
SPF 2056
Valencia, CA

Dear Superformance,

I've been bitten by the snake. Twice. And both have been Superformance Mark llls. It took about four separate trips to Dynamic Motorsports over the course of three years before I could muster the courage to purchase a Superformance. Buying a component vehicle seemed like a daunting venture.
But the great treatment I received from Ron and Dean Rosen and Jim Gander at Dynamic Motorsports was the determining factor in making my decision. That and the fantastic Superformance product they sell. I actually traded-in a brand new Corvette with less than 500 miles to get my Mark III and have never looked back. Great product. Great organization. Great service after the sale.

I've attached a couple pictures of SP 1710. It's Sunset Red with Titanium stripes and a 428 FE engine.

Best regards,
Gary Kopicko
Dear Superformance,

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know about my positive experience in owning a MK III. I took delivery of #587 in January of 2000 and now have 10,765 totally trouble free miles on the car, and twice that many smiles!!

Because I wanted a MKIII since I got a ride in one in 1965, taking ownership was literally a lifetime dream come true. Four and a half years later it is still a dream come true. The car looks, sounds and runs like a dream. I looked long and hard for a MKIII replica before choosing Superformance and my wait certainly paid off. The car draws looks everywhere you go and when people look at the construction of the car they are impressed with the quality of the build.

Thanks for making such a great car.

Dwight Van Horn
Hayden, Idaho, USA

Dear Superformance,

Just a brief note to tell you how proud I am to be a Superformance owner. Not only is the car beautiful but superbly sound mechanically as well. I just visited your new website and am so proud to be associated with such a class organization as exemplified by your website and the excellent product you produce.
I took delivery of my SPF 1649 in June of this year (2003) from Dynamic Motorsports in Ross, Ohio. Not only do you produce a solid and excellent product, you have an incredibly professional network of dealers that do a marvelous job in representing all the good attributes of such beautiful machines. I will come back to purchase one of your Coupes soon.

Attached is a picture of my beauty and thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Thank you again for a solidly and aesthetically perfect monster.

Juan Lopez-Bonilla
Louisville, KY
Dear Superformance,

After owning and driving several high-performance German-built sports cars over the previous 15 years, I was looking for something different. After some quite extensive research, I decided I wanted a Mk-replica. But, since I was accustomed to high-end, solidly built sports cars capable of blinding acceleration, mind-numbing top speeds, and excellent overall quality, I knew my standards were set quite high. Imagine my pleasant surprise to find all these qualities and even more in a Superformance MkIII roadster. My visit to Bob and Dennis Olthoff, in Charlotte, just confirmed my research, and resulted in my ordering of SPF #770, in August, 2000. I took delivery on October 21, 2000, and to this day, I still smile when I climb in to my SPF. A quick blast in #770 after coming home from the office is better than any cocktail or pick-me-up I can think of and something I truly look forward too. The car NEVER fails to change my disposition, and never fails to please me. In fact, I often find myself sitting in the garage just admiring it....and I've had it for over three years! German made sports cars....who needs 'em! I'll take my Superformance MkIII replica every time! In fact, I like my Superformance so much, the strength of my recommendations have helped three other people become Superformance owners, as well. Thank you from a completely satisfied customer. Your continued support after the sale, and numerous SPF oriented events around the nation only serve to enhance ownership.

Frederick V. Rice
Memphis, TN

Dear Superformance,

I recently retired from Ford Motor Company and I wanted to continue my love of cars in a up close and personal fashion. I spent hours on the internet, exploring hundreds of web sites, and following trails of another hundred links. I decided on a turn-key, ready to go car, which limited the field to just a few worthy players. Superformance quickly stood out above the others. Seeing and driving the Superformance Mark III was truly the icing on the cake and made the decision easy. The authenticity is throughout the car, from the reverse reading Smiths speedometer to the "Halibrand" style wheels (true knock-off wheels). The quality throughout is superb.
My Dealer, Doug Reed of Reed Performance Motorsports in Charlmette, LA (just outside New Orleans) has truly been my dream maker. Doug picked me up at the airport in "My" new car and we cruised the French Quarter, much to my delight, and that of the people on the sidewalks and balconies. Doug's team thoroughly went over the car with me and then I made the best ten hour drive of my life back to Central Florida. The car performed flawlessly. Doug's friendship and service has continued long after the sale.

I have participated in many car shows and have never failed to win an award, including over other replica manufacturers. The only tough part in choosing Superformance is deciding what color to choose.

Larry Pew
Windermere, FL

Dear Superformance,

I have a small business, custom cabinetry and furniture and I strongly believe in giving my customers QUALITY. Before I spent alot of money for the car of my dreams, I did alot of research on replicas and manufactures. Went to the Carlisle show, picked everyones brain apart, I crawled inside, outside, over, under, looked at welding, fittings, setups, quality of parts, Superformance was the best by far, HANDS DOWN ..... As far as a driveable car, corners, road bumps,etc. the Superformance can't be beat. Also the fit and finish on a Superformance is SUPERIOR...... If I ever purchase another replica, It will definetly be a Superformance. Nothing else comes close.
Car was owned by Bob Bondurant needlees to say the car is set up right. It has a 351W 385HP motor Tremec 5 speed blow proof housing Cobra engine package. True knock off's . This machine drives and handles so sweet it's unbeliveable.

I keep it covered in the garage it only goes out on a perfect day just local driving. It is so cool to see jaws dropping and thumbs up when I drive through town.

Ronald E. Jacoby
Gettysburg, PA

Dear Superformance,

Well it looks like the next generation is going to start with a Superformance , he's four and LOVES going out in the race car "Granddad go FAST". Car is running very strong, NO lost races yet. We just finished recording the engine sound for a new movie BRUCE ALMIGHTY, coming out in MAY. the sound of the Superformance MKIII replaces the Saleen S_7, SOOO listen to the movie and you will here the car sound.

Gregg Landaker #753
Dear Superformance,

The Superformance arrived a week before Christmas being delivered by Larry Miller, I knew the car was completed for a while so during the wait until shipment from the Olthoff's I actually went to check it out and was given the new owner instructions and Dave put on a plate and away I went in sp01358 down route 150 to Mooresville, of course I had to stop for gas !! my only mistake was when I thought I was going to shift, I hit the brake instead and chirpedthe tires.
All I can say is what a thrill. When I returned to the shop with a big smileon my face they were all laughing, they all knew what I experienced.
It is Silver with Black stripes, black sidepipes, polished roll bar and quick lifts, dual fender mirrors. I wanted to be a little different from the other Silver SPF's out there. I opted for the 460/486hp although the dyno sheet said only 471hp, but I was surprised with the 507 ft/lbs of torque, backed by a 5 speed TKO.

Second Strike seems to be a invaluable addition to owning a Superformance. I bought it as a driver and hope to attend the Olthoff/Second Strike track events to meet and mingle with other Superformance owners and put some of that Bob Bondurant high performance driver training to good use !!

Tony Aprile #1358
Dunnellon, FL

Dear Superformance,

My dad Bob Harris also owns a Superformance! (SPF #739)

Mike Harris #749
Dear Superformance,

Entered Run and Gun and ended up with five trophies, Road Course Champion, Road Course Top Dog Champion, Autocross Champion, Autocross Top Dog Runner-up and Overall Top Dog 1st Place Street. To win Top Dog in any class at Run & Gun you need to beat in my case all small block entrants which is what I have 351W (non-stroker) including power adders and big block entrants including power adders (just a plug for us small block guys).
Superformance MKIII
I drove my cousins Bruce's 427 side oiler on several occasions including 1997 Run & Gun at Mid Ohio and that car did not have the balance that mine has with the small block at least that was my experience. Here is a PIC of the gang and a PIC of my daughter/pit crew Megan Marie (21months old) next to my car #168 the trophy I'm holding is 1st Place overall Top Dog. I have always wanted this car since I was young and have lot's of sports cars but none have ever given me the thrill that the Superformance has. The Run & Gun competition was much tougher this year than last year. Ever since attending the 1997 Run & Gun with my cousin Bruce Weber I have been hooked both on the Superformance MKIII and the idea of driving it in competition events as well as on t! he street as often as possible, my wife Tracie has helped me make this dream come true (you can probably relate) I can't thank her enough. Since I am on a limited budget I try and focus all my efforts on preparation of my car and trying to optimize the components I have. I get as much satisfaction out of doing this as I do competing.

Bill Belcher #168