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GT40 Buyers Guide Rob Report 2009

Superformance Diamond edition customers car.

Picture NZV8 News

Road and Track Coupe

10th shelby bash

Shelby Historical Coupe

The first "Cobra" type car produced by Jim Price.

Superformance Diamond edition interior

Race Version GT40 Release

Superformance Beer

SAAC Event

Picture John Shaughnessy

Before Hi Tech original building '80's



Black Hawk Museum

Rob Report Collection

Overhead view Hi Tech 2007

Perana Z-One

Olthoff VIR Event


Browns Auto

Happy Holidays

La Jolla Motor Car Classic

Commemorative GT40 Hot Rod TV

Kentuck Cobra Bash Cobra

Mini-Nats 30

2012 Awards

Superformance product line.

Happy New Year.

Superformance Roush MKIII Release

Fifth Gear

Historical Shelby

New Year

GT40 SAAC Registry

Lance buys Superformance

50th Anniversary GT40

Award of Excellence awarded to Gear 6 Performance

Happy Holidays

Alan Mann Continuation

SPF GT40 Arives

Awards at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Gulf Cost Motorworks in Florida a Superformance de

Mike D&M

Carroll and Lance


Auction Week in AZ 2013

SEMA Green Rod

Kit Car Mag GT40

Run and Gun

Superformance line up

Starrformance Grand Opening

Coupe Review

Sema Superformance

concorse de elegance la jolla

Ron Rosen, Dean Rosen and Carroll Shelby

Perana Z-One

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